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  1. That's ridiculous about racism, and it will be hard to kill it off in any kind of event around the world. I just wish African nations best world cup run in just as European countries have been enjoying such a good run.
  2. I believe their will be one month break for the players after the World cup. They can't just run straight back up to the league resumption. If not, their will be lots of fatigue. The world cup will impact exclusively in the next balloon d'or award after Benzema's own.
  3. - My village people (Nollywood) 7.5/10.
  4. I never really seen much around Real Madrid this transfer window, they're keeping it silent. But no lie, their options are cool, they don't need much inclusion.
  5. Fun filled Monday, happy new month DC.
  6. That's very weird, I wouldn't look out for outlook/Hotmail when I know my mails gonna be delayed. I love Gmail, email hits my phone the moment it is delivered to my phone.
  7. Yes, I'm no longer a kid, such anxiety have waned. I play when I want to play and have fun, I have my day job that helps me meet up with ends needs. If I abandon the needful for gaming, I'll be riding on trenches.
  8. I love pitbulls though, but they are kinda expensive for my budget. If not, I would've loved to have one of the pitbulls. My dad owned two German shepherd, but due to unfavourable environment, caused them their lives.
  9. Congratulations to VGR, for this latest milestone of 18,000 registered members. I am also happy with you DC, because you're working so hard to grow VGR to become so big, and you aren't far from that. Congratulations to our latest moderator @Withywarlock, we want to see more witty and thoughtful posts from you, just as you've been doing, and your role as a mod.
  10. Gangster Vegas edition
  11. The holder sounds like the current balloon d'or player. Instead, you can say for the five time balloon d'or winner. That will put it well and not sounding though he's the current balloon d'or winner.
  12. PSG didn't pay transfer fee for Messi, Messi walked in as a free agent, only Mbappe caused them money for the two players you mentioned.
  13. Yes, I wouldn't back Liverpool FC to go all the way again this time, because all the top teams who didn't do well last time out, wants to give their all and reach the final as well especially PSG and Man City.
  14. Yes, Mbappe haven't performed up to his 2016 and 2018 standards. He needs to win the UCL and put in excellent performances in the competition before he'll be considered a major contender of the award.
  15. Ronaldo isn't the balloon d'or holder, that's an award for Leo Messi. If he doesn't negotiate for a successful transfer elsewhere, he wouldn't have a choice but to stay put with his current employers.
  16. It's due to the FFP rule, you don't spend more than you generate in your club. If you go above that, you'll face severe penalty. Clubs aren't allowed to get funds from their president's personal funds, if not, PSG owner could've bought all good players in Europe.
  17. Yes, it can be truly brutal, if you aren't careful enough, you'll even experience heartache. And Salah suffered previous defeat in the African cup of nations final before the UCL Final loss, which isn't an easy one to digest.
  18. Let's see if Sadio Mane can make Africans proud and landing the balloon d'or trophy some day in his career. He's 30 years old, still on his prime, he'll do lots of amazing things at Bayern Munich this season.
  19. Not mpabbe, but Mbappe. He didn't scoop the individual award, due to his club form not being good enough to outshine Modric. Modric had an excellent 2018 year both club and country, and based on individual performance too.
  20. If possible all the African teams progressing past the group stages of the world cup. But it wouldn't be possible, because it never happened in the history of world cup.
  21. I knew RMA have not priced any player around that 100$ million mark. Recently, they've not spent excessively like in the past. They're investing on average and on young talents, which has made them to become more successful in the field of play.
  22. I love Barcelona and Barcelona is my favourite team, but I want PSG to win, they've really spent whole lot of money in players recruitment. And also for the sake of my favorite player 'L. Messi, I just want PSG to go all the way this time.
  23. Last season they were one of the major, and they showed it in the field of play. I thought they'll win Real Madrid with the kind of form they entered the final of the UCL with, not knowing it will end in pains for them.
  24. I wouldn't predict the outcome of the UCL title, their are lots of good teams competing for the title when the season gets underway. You can only give your take on the favourites but you might not get it right when it comes to the eventual winners.
  25. I think you should check again, at times media can bring up a potential transfer update in which the sourcing team never taken any step ahead in cashing on with such deal.
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