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  1. Fair enough. I've been craving a lot of Irish Sea Moss since two years ago. I love making a smoothie out of it as it gives me loads of energy.
  2. I have always had a high metabolic rate so I can eat a lot of food and burn it off almost as quickly. Before you know it, I'm hungry again, lol.
  3. I'm not really on Snapchat anymore either. Haven't been for years and I'm not on Tiktok either. Too many braindead people on that app. I agree. Social Media is a good tool to communicate but in it's current form, it's nothing more than a toxic place where all kinds of weirdos and idiots gather to share their bizarre and idiotic views.
  4. Exactly. Can you imagine take $200 off something that cost $10,000 and calling it a discount? I mean, it is but that's not really helpful.
  5. I used to download music off of Limewire in the mid 2000s and burn them onto CDs. I used to have tons of CDs in a case holder.
  6. Mainly Japanese/Chinese shows/ movies. I mean, I watch lots of anime and those mainly come from Japan and a few from South Korea and China. There's also those old Chinese Kung Fu movies that I still love.
  7. Uncharted (2022) - 8/10
  8. It's definitely Batman. The guy is such a monster and the fact that he's one of the few heroes who has no Super powers and yet he's incredibly dangerous. He's gotten Darkseid to surrender more than once. Something, even Superman couldn't manage. Not to mention, he's saved man of his fellow Justice League members countless times.
  9. I was trying out a new game named Stumble Guys which was a very fun but toxic experience. I managed to win all the games in single round eliminating everybody else. I had some fun. I mean, it's a direct ripoff of Fall Guys which I'm not sure how that's legal but I did enjoy it.
  10. It depends how good a lyricist the artist is. So someone like 50 Cent, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Tupac, Biggie etc. drop a diss track, I'll look forward to it unlike someone like Quavo who uses ad libs, mumbles and repeats the same lines the whole song.
  11. Most times, I do because I don't like to have everything pile up in the sink. I mean, I do have a dishwasher but sometimes, it doesn't wash some of the plates, pots and pans properly so I have to do it.
  12. While I can grow a full beard, I have a Goatee and moustache with the sides kept extremely low. It looks pretty well kept but also makes me look a bit wild.
  13. One of the best parts of my day outside of interacting with my pets. Gaming allows me to take my mind off the real world and enjoy some fantasy. It allows my imagination to run wild which I love.
  14. I've gone three weeks without playing Fallout 4. To me, that's a hell of a long time because I'm always modding this game. However, Bethesda introduced a new update to Fallout 4 and it's broken so many mods. I can't be bothered to try and work on that.
  15. Hmmm...This is a good one actually. I'd say Mobas. I've wanted to play DOTA 2 for the longest time and I haven't gotten around to it. It's a game with so much lore!
  16. When I was younger, that's how me and my big bro used to play games. Sometimes, one of us couldn't get past a certain stage and we'd give the other a turn.
  17. Same here - although, I have met up on a few challenges in a couple of games that made me have to take a break. There was a level in Crash Banicoot called The High Road. It was so frustrating to play!
  18. With Konami, they might very well announce a Pachinko machine. You can't quite tell with those lot.
  19. That's a valid point @Shagger. Those cheating companies should be taken to court but modders shouldn't be put in the same category.
  20. I'm not interested to be honest. I love watching videos - I don't really like anything else about YouTube.
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