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Candy Stick

My friend wants a YouTube channel devoted to model trains...

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I said to him, that without knowledge of editing and being the king of what you do, nobody gets anywhere on YouTube if they are a novice.

I ought to know; I've talked openly and honestly about Resident Evil on there for years, and the only attention I ever seem to get is people being a fanny and trolling. So, I don't know what the point in trying is, really. Because it really did occur to me that unless your videos are super fancy-ish and look like they were made on a £1000 budget, no-one cares about your generic vlogs, or you just ranting in front of a camera. That's so 2005.

YouTube and often online services these days, overall, in 2022, feels pointless instead of being better. Like forums. It's hard to get people to join forums anymore. Whereas back in 2004, even InvisionFree forums had hundreds of active users. To me, I'm sorry to say it, but the golden age of the Internet is long gone. All pretty pixels aside, everything looks stunning, and that's probably why you lie to yourself and say it'll improve. But when you don't get noticed, it's a chore, and just not worth the hassle. Not to mention the people who shill, just to get noticed. That's lying to yourself, and I don't like people who are happy to keep stamping on others to get to the front of the line.

Google for example, they just had to be idiots and turn off broadcasting on mobiles for anybody under 500 subs. Before the recent change, it was 1000. But even so. Few people want to grow a large channel anyway, and using other apps to bypass that restriction is so frustrating, as they obviously suck and YouTube probably knows people can install Streamlabs and similar apps. And people may have a busy life and just do it as a hobby. But Google has just wrecked it for everyone by incorporating rules, and it's just annoying. About as annoying as moderators on Reddit rejecting posts.

I don't know. I feel people's pain. The Internet just ain't what it used to be.

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In total I have 3 YouTube channels. Two of them are nothing special as I never really post anything on them. The other is the gaming channel that I have mentioned before. @Rain Dew and I are working on getting videos uploaded and taking them live once we're happy with them, and have enough content to make the channel at least partially interesting. The only issue I'm having is that PS4 only allows clips up to 1 hour. I have a couple programs installed on my comp to allow me to record whatever is on the screen, but the PS is plugged into a different HDMI port, so I have to figure something out there.

As for your friend, he could just set up a video camera and record his videos, upload them to his computer, get a simple program to tinker with them, and he's good to go. If he's wanting to make a career out of YouTube, he needs to rethink his priorities. That's next to impossible. YouTube can be a great bit of extra income if you get a big enough following and your videos become monetized, but it should never be how you pay your bills.

If he's doing it for fun, like I do, then it's worth it. You don't need a following on your channel to enjoy doing it. When I started out, I just used Microsoft Video Maker. The cheap little program that came with Windows. Here's the first video I ever did.


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I think you could have been kinder to your friend. Doing YouTube to "get somewhere" or make it a career is the wrong reason to do it. The reason to do it is to share your passion for something. If it ends up becoming successful, then all the better, but nobody should be discouraged from trying just because the odds of success are so slim. I watch plenty of content of YouTube that isn't flash and made of a big budget. It can work so long as the content and the personality is there, and if your friend wants to share his passion for model trains and discuss them online, then I say more power to him.

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@Shagger is absolutely right. You should encourage him. As already said, he will most likely never be able to make a living of any kind from YouTube, but sharing what he loves on a platform that big, would be great for him. He could meet a lot of people that share his passion, and possibly make a friend or two.

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