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What game got you excited but disappointed you a great deal when released?

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I recently bought a game on steam that's in Alpha called Alchemy Garden. I was super excited for it, but for an alpha you have to pay to take part in, there's some pretty big bugs.

If we're talking about games that aren't still in the production process, I think I'd have to say... Rune Factory: Frontier. It's not a bad game overall, it just didn't really fit my expectations when thinking of the first three that I loved to bits.

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6 hours ago, The Blackangel said:

Twilight Princess. While the graphics are beautiful, the gameplay just sucked. The storyline was boring, and the game just moved slow as hell with a just way too much nonsense in it. Total letdown.

I feel like sometimes, developers spend too long on graphics and forget to make the game. 😛 That seems to happen quite often. An alarming percentage of games that are released just feel unfinished.

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