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Do you think Mobile gaming will die?

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I believe it will still be a big thing for years to come if I am honest. More and more people take games like Apex Legends and Call of Duty quite seriously and will often take part in tournaments on mobile for these games. I feel that if developers keep updating and releasing games on mobile especially ones that people like to take part in tournaments on then mobile gaming will continue to thrive. Not just for people who like to play in tournaments but for those who enjoy mobile gaming on the go as well.

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Not with smartphones being in everyone's pockets these days. I don't see how it could ever end, considering too that every smartphone has a playstore/app store with a bunch of mobile games. On top of that, the mobile market is one of, if not, the biggest money maker in terms of gaming/apps out there. 

We will probably have smartphones for years to come, which means mobile gaming will likely flourish along with it. 

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