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Do you have any video game themed clothing/accessories?

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Do you have any game-themed clothing, jewelry, or other accessories that you wear/carry everywhere?

I only have one item, a recently-obtained Bioshock-themed ring that says, “A man chooses, a slave obeys.”

I also would like to craft a choker like Elizabeth’s in Bioshock Infinite, but make it reversible with the cage on one side and the bird on the other.

I'm also in the process of teaching myself art nouveau and deco design so that I can make my own tattoo, not necessarily Bioshock-themed, but with the same overall flavour.

What about you? Do you wear anything to express your video game fandom?

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I’ve got lots of video game merch tbh:

- Dark Souls t-shirt

- Silent Hill 2 t-shirt

- Asteroids t-shirt

- Pixel Junk Monsters t-shirt

- Black Ops 2 t-shirt

- Fallout 76 t-shirt

- Also got a load of video game soundtracks like Silent Hill 2, Dark souls, Two Worlds Two, FTL etc

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2 Duke Nukem Forever branded Tees

a Duke Nukem Forever aluminium mouse pad

Several game posters for Call of Duty Black Ops II, Darkness 2, Duke Nukem Forever, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon and Titanfall

A Borderlands 2 tee that says WUB WUB cause dubstep is awesome

2 Ion Fury Tees, one with the old Ion Maiden logo

A UAC logo tank top

A white tee with Temmie from Undertale

Some Mario pixel figurines

Yoshi yarn amiibo

Stuffed Bowser toy

Stuffed Minecraft cat toy

Can't think of anything else at the top of my head but I might have more gubbins.

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Do tattoos count? I have the exact same tattoo Zell has in FF8. The only difference is that he has it on the left side of his face and I had it tattooed on the right side of my face. I already had a teardrop on the left side, so I didn’t want it to overpower the tear. Hence, opposite side. But no biggie. It still looks great. I’m also looking at several gunblades on eBay. I also have 2 different master swords. Both fully wield able. They’re just not live blades.

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