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  1. Never owned them because they were more of a luxury when I was growing up, but I would love to stand in the store and flip through them and see the "Realistic 3d" images haha
  2. A million in cash? Yeah I think I'd give up gaming to live a peaceful family life
  3. Not your typical Mystery puzzle but Limbo was a great experience
  4. Single players games maybe 50 hours max if it's an open world game, online games that I get addicted to can go on for a pretty long time
  5. Total conversion mods and mods that add new quests or gameplay systems. Graphical mods are my least favorite, not that they're not great but just not things I look forward to
  6. I think a lot of newer programming languages like HTML 5 provider even easier way to make games, especially with game engines like Game Maker and Unity
  7. Agreed with the lack of great new IP's recently, but this generation has seen some good stuff, especially from Indie developers who have been doing AMAZING. But AAA Companies are really shitting on the industry
  8. I think most modern devices would be able to survive modern games, although battery life through constant charge depletion might take a hit
  9. Yeah but it sets the foundation, and will bring back a large audience as well. Sort of like Resident Evil 7, albeit that was before the remakes
  10. That's great! I'm not quite certain about how it would run DOS Games but I think it should be fairly fine if it can emulate other consoles!
  11. FIFA is the only sports video game I would say I enjoy. Fifa street was also amazing back in the day, sad they never continued on the series.
  12. Fortnite most probably. I don't much hate the game but I hate the type of community and image it has given to the gaming scene.
  13. Wasn't a fan of any of the Watch dogs games unfortunately, especially about the fiasco that was Watch dogs 2. Feels like Ubisoft did something moderately well with the first game and are just trying to cash in now. I hope Legion is good though
  14. They should take a beat from Resident Evil with their remakes. Quite faithful and done well, if so I think Silent hill could do well.
  15. Even though fallout 4 was one of the weaker games in the series, The Nuka world DLC was one of the best expansions I've played on a fallout game.
  16. One of the weirdest (And quite fun) games I played was this online Flash game called "Not a game". I'm sure if you google it you'll be able to find a playable link, it was quite amusing
  17. I think I'd pick a MMO or eSports game in this case, but difficult to pick. I love playing Runescape but not sure if I'd get bored of it. Games like CS:GO also have a lot of longevity to it, but can be quite toxic.
  18. Used to dream about runescape on a daily basis, wokeup and slept with it in my mind
  19. Agreed, it was one of the best Final fantasy stories to date
  20. Looks good, Nintendo needs more RPG's in it's roster
  21. I remember being super excited for this game, unfortunate it didn't reach a large audience
  22. It truly is disgusting how widespread racism is around the world. Imagine how far we would come if we could all just love each other.
  23. Not in high level unfortunately, but went pretty up the ranks in CS GO
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