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  1. Ace Combat is amazing, but for general aspects probably battlefield 3/4, and then you have other COd games. For vehicle based ones you have world of tanks (and battleships), etc.
  2. Right now, been playing a hell bunch of RuneScape and getting back into Battlefront 2.
  3. Syntax

    Bully 2

    I would love if they could either come out with a second game, or possibly just fully remaster it for last/current gen systems (like how they are doing with GTA but have it actually work and not be so hybrid like with graphics).
  4. shocked no one has said Skyrim, game is massive with a ton of towns and cities throughout all of the regions.
  5. I remember having this with my PS2, and was so glad that they went all wireless for my PS3 - but yes it feels extremely weird since the controller feels tied down in the back or slightly more weighted when it isn’t with a cord.
  6. My too one would probably either be need for speed or possibly even battlefield.
  7. I’ve seen a few and they seem helpful for doing specific shortcuts faster (due to them having an extra button set or more), but I just can’t find them overall useful in games that don’t require a bunch of buttons to be pressed very closely together in sequence.
  8. Syntax

    Clash of Clans

    I randomly play it, but not like I used to when it first came out. I mostly think that is due to how much the game has changed (with new additions) and the obvious time suck it becomes at later levels on grinding for enough resources.
  9. I personally don’t think so, since it kind of has the same format as all of the other PS controllers but just more modern with newer technology.
  10. If there was, I would buy it in a heartbeat. I think honestly a majority of people would buy it since it would be somewhat cheap to make, and offer a ton of nostalgia to everyone who grew up on that console.
  11. For fun; Burnout by far (specifically burnout paradise). For realism; Gran Turismo
  12. I currently have 2 PS4 controllers, and 2 PS move controllers. Mostly when someone comes over or to use as a backup if mine dies when using it.
  13. When Cyberpunk came out I 100% stopped playing it due to all of the issues that were on the last generation of consoles.
  14. I listen in on voice chat and here and there depending on what is going on, will communicate over it. Overall though, I find it to be more of a trash talking session than anything else sadly.
  15. Depends on the game, for ones in genre like racing I find that it’s pretty annoying since 99% of racing games are basically the same.
  16. I’d have to say Killzone, and possibly Little Big Planet since the back touchpad is solid as heck for that extra level of control.
  17. I still own the PS4 version, although I wish that they would have gone back with the whole rockband ides that they had with guitar hero world tour and remove the part where they make the controller more realistic.
  18. Syntax

    Steam Deck

    I’m sure excited on it. I just can’t wait to see how people review it with games that aren’t so friendly with joysticks such as some MMORPG or even some RTS style games.
  19. Brave, Chrome, Firefox and then Opera. Edge is based with Chrome, and so are a few others that now use Chromium as their source.
  20. If it’s anything critical then yes I back it up to the cloud. Otherwise a vast majority of my stuff I can live without so it’s not a problem if my hard drive were to die for example.
  21. Yes I currently use 1Password for everything. Makes it so much easier with their extensions on mobile too.
  22. I normally just use my gamer tag. If it needs to be random then I just use those random name generators.
  23. If you can pick your partner or you aren’t dependent on them fully, it’s cool. But if it’s games where you need them to work and play correctly - it can get super annoying after awhile.
  24. More storage. Only having <2TB is extremely small these days considering how much space a base game install can take,and updates and add-one that get released later on.
  25. Sony Vega, then PS2, GameBoy, GameCube, PS3, PS Vita, PS4
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