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  1. It was said to be over 1000 bugs/glitches in the game. How on earth did the developers let that happen?
  2. The money will go a very long way in taking care of lots of money problems that needs to be sorted out in my life 😂
  3. I never like that to be frank and I quit such games immediately they ask me to play for me to continue playing.
  4. I can't really remember the last time I was at the Spa. It's like a forgotten body therapy to me and it's all down to lack of time.
  5. On the other hand, there are some both men and females likewise who doesn't believe in love and relationship. They don't have any need to get attracted romantically.
  6. I'm always very skeptical about meeting anyone from social media. It's why I prefer dealing with recognized stores and have my item delivered.
  7. Sorry, it was a DLC I wanted to write. Let me see if I can edit that. I can't, it's too late for it. Thanks for the correction.
  8. At least in this game MetaRace.io - breed horses, race & trade, it's not going to be something that's going to ask for our blind investment in it, otherwise most people will pull out.
  9. I should be able to make a list of them let's say in the next 24 hours by this time tomorrow. Just wait for it.
  10. That's pretty awesome with your over 1400 hours in it. Maybe I'm going to get into the game as well. At least, I have my bother to put me through if it gets challenging for me.
  11. If it's gets to your breaking point, end it and move on to the next game. It's the only best decision as for me.
  12. You're right about that and I also enjoy the performance too. The song is more entertaining for me in Spanish. It wouldn't be that cool if it's snag in English.
  13. Silent Hill used to be one of my favorite horror games but not anymore. It's the movie adaptation that's I like more now.
  14. How many V-Bucks do you have currently? I don't have much which is why I have slowed down on buying more skin.
  15. I wasn't chanced to do mine today as I have been on the road all day. There is tomorrow for me to take care of my consoles. I might play my Sega tomorrow too.
  16. I never liked the solo shooting in Frontline Commando. If it had come with a team, I would have loved it a lot.
  17. Let me guess, there was nothing on Resident Evil 8 Remake.
  18. Funny enough she doesn't know the value of what she had damaged and if she happens to get the new one, it's still going to be the same story. How do admonish your dog when they do something wrong/bad?
  19. According to a guy there, he said he's more focused when he's standing. That's definitely the opposite for me.
  20. I have seen a lot of people selling games on Facebook but I'm not sure if it's a wise thing to trust them.
  21. Playing Walking Dead gave me decent lessons on that.
  22. I'm not that it's something that's going to pull me into buying it and it's why I'm trying to avoid it by all means.
  23. Even at everything that's been going on with the inflation and all, there are still gamers that have the money to pump into video games. It's their hobby and they spend in a crazy way on it.
  24. Xenogears and Yakuza: Like a Dragon were the recommendation given to me by my friend at work.
  25. We all get absorbed into games that we love so much. That's why such a thing keeps happening to us.
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