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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from Knight Plug in Would You Be Able To Survive a Horror Movie?   
    When my character burst I have nothing to worry about, I go again by restarting the game to try and manage my character better to scale through. 
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from Knight Plug in 10 years, with no new Silent Hill game...   
    The series is dead, for it to have gone absentee for s decade ago, it shows no real continuity in the series anymore. 
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    Head_Hunter reacted to Shagger in Candy Crush   
    If you feel there's something we need to do, report it. Don't openly discuss it on the threads without bringing it to our direct attention. This isn't the way we want these things brought to our attention for two reasons.
    First, what is often referred to as "backseat moderating" is not permitted by the rules. This in itself is for several reasons, chief among which is reason two here, it delays our response to the issue addressed. It's sheer luck that I even noticed that there was a concern about this issue at all. Either way, I could have, for example, looked into this right away, but not only just sheer luck having to kick in for me to notice the concerns, I then had to type all of this nonsense out to remind you two of the process.
    I'll look into either merging or deleting redundant "Candy Crush" threads, but from now on I will expect you and everyone else to make a report on it rather than discuss it on the public threads, is that understood?
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    Head_Hunter reacted to killamch89 in VGR being Plagiarized (incompetently) by igamenews   
    Yeah - I was just about to recommend that. @DC can easily sue them because he has overwhelming evidence. I'd recommend that @DC get lots of screenshots and videos of the website and then send the cease and desist order. If they don't shut down, he can take it a step further.
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    Head_Hunter reacted to DC in VGR being Plagiarized (incompetently) by igamenews   
    The site admin is likely aware of the issue. He/she is the likely the one who created the bot that plagiarizes the content. I'm not pursuing but I do appreciate everyone's concern and input.
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from kingpotato in VGR Member of the Month - March 2022   
    The contest is still tied, who's that one voter that will change the margin and decide the contest in the next 24 hours? 
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    Head_Hunter reacted to Withywarlock in How dark do you like dark places/times of day to be in video games?   
    I think it varies from game to game. I've been loving Hell Let Loose lately but I would abhor playing that in total darkness; I've only recently adjusted my eyes to seeing enemies as little pips in the distance (hitting them's another matter entirely). And yet I love World of Warcraft's Inky Black Potion (see below). Most of the time I like darkness to be pitch-black, on the proviso there's a reasonable means of tackling it (being able to craft/buy torches, lanterns of different kinds, light spells, and so forth). Don't get me started on what was and wasn't the old D&D games' 'infravision'.
    The problem with that comes when you can only play at certain times of the day, or your climate dictates that the game gets brighter/darker earlier/later. This was one of the major debates that took place in World of Warcraft: how dark should the world be? There were few arguments against darker nights, but that was mainly from self-confessed daylight players. To compromise, the developers added the Inky Black Potion, which would darken any sky for one hour for the imbiber.
    I like IRL day-night cycles in MMOs but I wouldn't want it for any other sort of game, especially at the cost of artistic integrity. Ain't no way the symbolism of midnight in Spyro 2's Winter Tundra - a metaphor for Ripto's reign and the player's quest reaching its zenith - is going away for realism.
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from Family sedan in Does gaming usually regulate or dysregulated your mood?   
    When I feel exhausted, I simply take a rest before going to visit my console, in order to feel sound and enjoy the spirit of the game. 
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from Family sedan in Does gaming usually regulate or dysregulated your mood?   
    Resting is part of man's therapy to feel refreshed, without adequate rest we wouldn't have that drive to continue, little dizziness will come forth. 
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from Family sedan in Does gaming usually regulate or dysregulated your mood?   
    Even when I had an off day, marred with bitterness I still play video games on my console. The reason is that, what I can't change their is no need toiling about it. Gaming make me happy and makes me forget about my troubled moments. 
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    Head_Hunter reacted to egghead in What historic settings do you want to see recreated in video games?   
    I can understand your sentiments, however, whenever someone quotes me I would like to reply because after all this is a community that builds on interactions.
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    Head_Hunter reacted to Reality vs Adventure in Your favourite game series?   
    Definitely a fan, cool to see others enjoy A.C. too. 3 kings I was referring to my top 3 which are Origins, Valhalla, and Odyssey. 😄
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from Reality vs Adventure in What games do you consider to be a masterpiece?   
    Good one 'Crab man, that's exactly how i feel, the options I mentioned earlier are masterpiece. GT 7 impressed me more when I got to play it , saw new vehicles added to it making it cool. 
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from Reality vs Adventure in Your favourite game series?   
    With what I've seen you say, you're a true fan of A.C, because you got almost all editions apart from the two missing in your backlog. You still have enough time, anytime to get those ones. Their is no doubt to what A.C Valhalla, Odyssey, Unity brings to gamers, just amazing games. I am yet to play III Kings.
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    Head_Hunter reacted to Reality vs Adventure in Your favourite game series?   
    Odyssey is what I've become attached to; the lore, beliefs, scenery, Greece as the birthplace of democracy and olympics. I have the whole series except for the first one and Unity. I really love all the games. One thing is for sure is that I'll never delete the 3 kings, Odyssey, Valhalla, and Origins. 
    I've also been wanting to get Unity so I'll have to start looking for it again. 
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    Head_Hunter reacted to Crazycrab in What games do you consider to be a masterpiece?   
    Leave @Head_Hunter alone guys!  Remember the title of the thread is "What games do YOU consider to be a masterpiece?".  If that's how he feels that's how feels.
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    Head_Hunter reacted to Crazycrab in Violent Games and Teen Aggression Aren’t Linked?   
    Do you have any proof of this?  I can't help but notice that none of the people posting here are ANY proof of this.  The obvious reason that it is in fact baseless crap.  The best the OP @skyfire can do is post research from Oxford University, one of the highly respected academic institutions on earth and say essentially "it's wrong because I disagree with it."  No rebuttal of the evidence, no explanation or analysis of their methods to prove they are flawed, no contradictory data, nothing.
    One again there have dozens of studies, some lasting more that an a decade comparing tens of thousands of subjects from preteen into adulthood, and no direct link between video games and violent behaviour had EVER been found.  Yet there are people who still believe in this link fuelled with nothing but pure speculation and excuses:
    The only thing that was found (as I explained earlier) was a link to aggression, but no more than playing competitive sports and other forms of competition.
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    Head_Hunter reacted to Shagger in Violent Games and Teen Aggression Aren’t Linked?   
    I don't understand why any gamer with even a slither of common sense would buy this nonsense. Quite frankly @skyfire,  @Head_Hunter and others who actually believe this should be ashamed. No only has science spent, or perhaps wasted, many decades and even more $millions on trying to link violent behaviour and video games together only to fail time and time again, you can't even see what the real purpose these bullshit claims are suppose to serve. It's scapegoating. Counting of people's stupidity to deny real problems they don't want to address.
    For example, this is a particularly popular scapegoat in America because politicians over thier don't want to believe that the high rate of homicide and violence have anything to do with the fact that anyone can get thier hands on a gun. They know it would political suicide to open up that can of worms, so instead they blame not just video games, but entertainment media and "the corrupted youth" that partake in it instead. They present these non-facts to the gullible, ignorant parts of society that want to led away from the problems because they don't want to believe the inconvenient truth either.
    Seriously what is wrong with those of you that actually believe this? As @Crazycrab pointed out, none of you present any proof, but just choose to believe this bullshit anyway? All you need is the ability to think for yourselves to see how ridiculous this is. Nobody on this forum is that stupid that they can at least do that.
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from Knight Plug in I finally conceded, and have giving up on Resident Evil...   
    We can't force DLCs in, it depends on Capcom to make decision and execute it fast or keep delaying it till end of time. 
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from kingpotato in Last Game Played   
    Metal Gear Solid V
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from Knight Plug in The Last of Us: I think multiple games are coming soon!   
    I think the next edition of TLOU should be the part 3 and not 2. The edition 2 being the sequel of edition 1 was released in 2020, it took seven years before the studio came up with TLOU 2 after releasing TLOU 1. 
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    Head_Hunter reacted to Yaramaki in Do we need somewhere for people to "chat" instead of the amount of PM style posts going on in the forum?   
    My 2 cents for what it's worth :
    -> Get atleast one more Moderator or maybe 2, i think the forum is just way too busy for 2 people who have have a full time job and family stuff going on, you can correct me on that if i'm wrong. Either just give them access to the gaming part of the forum which is the busiest part instead of the whole board. 
    -> I'm not really a fan of discord, so i'll just leave it at that. I find it weird to use and don't really get why it's so populair, but then again i'm old and ways off with modern technology.
    ->While we are on the subject the forum already has more then enough section so adding another section to just chat if you really want to do that go ahead but isen't that what the general chat section is about.
    -> I'd say the whole board could use a little overhaul, the subsection videogames and platforms could be moved together because in theory they are just the same thing. For the rest of the board i'll admit i don't ever really use it since i come here to talk about games with like minded people. The mainstream topics like what's going on the world i already discuss enough in daily life. 
    ->Maybe on a last note a conversation is bound to go off topic at some point, it's only natural but some people keep going on and on about the same thing that's what irritates me the most. It's not that i don't care what you have to say but atleast add something usefull, for example yeah i know the ps5 is out of stock everywhere but must we go on and on about it. Do some effort to secure one instead of complainging online all the time.
    -> i really like this place and i'll be happy to keep on posting for aslong the site is around, sometimes a single post takes me half an hour or more (like this one) when nobody bothers replying i feel like i really wasted my time.
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    Head_Hunter reacted to The Blackangel in VGR Member of the Month - March 2022 Nominations   
    In the past, @DC didn't care. But then we started getting people nominating 5-10 people at a time. So now in the name of simplicity and fairness, he has limited it to one nomination per member. Sure you can nominate a member that someone else has already chosen, but that's rather pointless since they have already been nominated. Also there's never any kind of requirement to make a nomination, nor is there one to even vote. You can join in, or you can opt out. There have even been members who have asked to not be nominated. And if you are nominated, you are also welcome to vote for yourself. But voting isn't multiple answer. Like voting in any election, it's one and done until the next election.
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from Heatman in What current gen games have you played the most since getting your console?   
    Okay, no problem. I will wait whenever Sony makes it available I'll get into it. If they don't, then I'll look for other options. 
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    Head_Hunter reacted to Darth in Used or New Games   
    Yeah, it's better even if you do consider the price different. That's why I went for the disk drive version because I can then choose to buy games digitally or physically. It would be awful to be stuck to the PS Store prices especially for games that you're getting at launch which will be full price. You can always find physical copies for cheaper.
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