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  1. So recently started with VainGlory. It seems like a good game to me.
  2. Depends on your liking as they say. I got bored because I kind of spent too much time on similar games like say rise of nation (PC) and it was kind of boring after some time. Farming and survive type games do get bored. But each to their own taste.
  3. I see so you may need to get in some emulators forums with the request for that specific game. Often some program authors may see that thread and test it out or find way to clear the bug.
  4. I think OP is pretty much right about choice vs determinism point. If I look back at it, kind of makes me agree with it.
  5. I kind of expected someone or something behind the multiverse. Like you know the cthulu game that recently launched which had a cult and had a story that lead to birth of cthulu reincartion vessel. So that sort of progression was expected. But the way BS Infinite moved I think it kind of dragged in that case.
  6. VR games are a bit harder to sustain on esports category though.
  7. Yes I do stream and post my content on Novacast on facebook. https://www.facebook.com/NovaCast-108293703972062/
  8. On one note, I must say I am also a bit bad at the time based limited games. Like games where you are supposed to survive for specific set of time.
  9. These days some of the time I feel like playing those story based MOBA if they ever make something adventure based one.
  10. I see in such case that's supposed to be part of the new console.
  11. Not sure who owned the dev. studio license for that game.
  12. Yeah and the thing is you need something that motivates to move. That you won't find in BS Infinite. What and why it should make you move.
  13. And if they continue to build the new games on the BS 2 it'd be really bad. They need something to backtrack from BS 1.
  14. For me the show was only good upto the negan saga. Then it just dropped flat. I mean we have boring lives too. Current drag looks like that boring churn of life when nothing exciting happens. Even the fear the walking dead is a bit dragged lately.
  15. I wonder if we can see something good in the bioshock and maybe some older horror games. Kind of crossover of two worlds.
  16. skyfire

    GTA 6

    I think the money earning from online version would keep them away from making something new for years.
  17. I have same stuff in mind too. I mean my body can't take game stress and also can't keep up with the gaming world in future. So giving it up for money is worth it.
  18. I play a lot of MOBA and Battle Royale. I am not good at the BR but I prefer to play the games to get the stress out.
  19. Looks cool and my type. Funny I missed this on youtube.
  20. Just checked your review while searching for Tomb raider keyword in forum. In 2019, the shadow of the tomb raider launched and it was definitely good game.
  21. I played it all on PC and the experience of the game was pretty much good enough from what I have seen so far.
  22. In last 2 years it has change a lot. And they are adding multi characters.
  23. It lacks the mystery and the plot holes. Not just that they were attempting to make it more of puzzle type FPS than following the storyline. So kind of small details like this.
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