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  1. Vain Glory. Moba on android.
  2. I guess if some good directors make it , then yes it would be a good show.
  3. Some soundtracks from japanese and korean games which are more on electronica side, are definitely worth listening too.
  4. So far be it fortnite or the PUBG or even in the COD. I never regreted any costume choices or even character choices in seasons.
  5. I think sometimes reporting and discussing in forums often helps out. As the developers pay attention to the bugs and fix it in future patches.
  6. skyfire

    Amid Evil

    Bumping as I found this on YouTube. Not impressed with graphics. But it was kind of okay type.
  7. I think they need different story and maybe also different characters than typical hollywood and typical netflix SJW stuff. In that case that would be more of deep stuff if they attempt something like that.
  8. I think those who are fan of franchise. they may not find much difference in overall games.
  9. I think for me it has to be new game named Vain Glory. It seems like a good game from tencent.
  10. Metrox exodus in 2019. Got me in pretty hype but it was kinda okay.
  11. I have enough RAM to play some games but a lot of modern games with the graphics card requirement. I find it a bit hard to play those games.
  12. is this the game? I dont remember playing it.
  13. skyfire

    Smite MOBA

    I think few of the android regular users here may know about this MOBA. So I am going to explore this one in a week or two and then I can make my opinion on this. It seems like a good game based on typical mytho characters. Check out the gameplay.
  14. From what I have heard they do have chinese version. So yeah I think you played that version. English version seems to be lagging behind in development though.
  15. I like the graphics but I didn't like the gameplay though, I think they are kind of limited with the movement of character, doesn't seem like pure 3D considering its hybrid with platformish style. But yeah all the best to dev studio on future.
  16. FIFA and NBA were the days in old times. Now a days EA is not much doing anything new. Mostly just repeating the old code.
  17. skyfire

    GTA 6

    Trust me in order to please minority the game and the tv world can do anything.
  18. Anime directors have knack of writing good stories if you give them chance so those two have a chance. I think devil may cry was even attempted with one such 3 episode anime plot. It wasn't bad.
  19. Yeah there seems to be remaster version news out there. I have to check youtube and post about if there is an update on the remaster.
  20. skyfire

    Dark Eclipse MOBA

    Yeah it's still in premature stage. Imagine if the league of legends guys get into same VR phase like this. It'd be like festival or fireworks day sort of graphics.
  21. Nightmare creatures, shadow warrior. In pre 99s I guess.
  22. I think "the last of us", "darksiders", "devil may cry", "left 4 dead" seems to have either TV series or the movie like worthy story.
  23. I think some of the horror games and also recently the darksiders DLC seems to be pretty much good.
  24. skyfire

    GTA 6

    I think GTA franchise is busy keeping their online game active with money.
  25. I guess so. I think most of the older games are running. Still you can use the compatibility mode in such case.
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