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  1. I think a lot of that depends on corona. Maybe we can expect the games coming in July onwards.
  2. I think that chasing type of AI would be pretty brutal too. There has to be limit or the game risks being too difficult.
  3. New game definitely has a good graphics but a lot of same concept again. And the thing is though we have to wait to see what new the remake offers. Maybe FF 7 with those stories of genesis and others would be something we may see in future.
  4. skyfire

    Dark Eclipse MOBA

    Another MOBA which I wanted to share with you is dark eclipse. Though it is more than 4 years since the game is out in the market. It seems like a good game for anyone who like the PVP and the battle royale. Check out the gameplay.
  5. So I found multiple MOBAs this week to play. So most of them have the PVP and the brawler mode to play. This heroes evolved seems like good MOBA to check out if you are into this type of the game. Check the gameplay.
  6. Let's face it. Square ENIX has been out of ideas. And plus their summons and the keys concept is overly used. And mix of RPG and FP 3rd camera angle type of games they are churning out since years. We can;t expect anything new from SE anymore. We just get to play something new from them is good enough.
  7. Most typical characters get things in recurring way, over and over. DB universe after some time gets boring.
  8. I think story with action, fantasy and magic is what we need. I think a lot of times that alone is good enough for me.
  9. Too many mages and markswomen to count to be honest. There are plenty of options.
  10. I think there is a fun playing in a team but not all the time it can be worth it to be honest. If the team is too newbie.
  11. Yep me too. Never thought about it.
  12. I think when there are too many features and things are dragged. A lot of those time I'd say that even one level or spending few times into the world would get you bored. That's how you get idea on you won't like the game.
  13. I think most of the time, its just the program authors you have to get in touch.
  14. if you are into cyberpunk plots with the fps action, I guess then you'd love playing this game. I checked out the gameplay recently. It seems like a good game.
  15. There seems to be gameplays out for the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX. I just happened to look at some of them yesterday. So I thought would be worth sharing.
  16. There seems to be some additional side quests and improvement in abilities that are being shown by demos and the gameplays. Also the FF7 remake has demo for PS4 out too.
  17. Shooters and FPS are kind of fun to, not much to learn and also it gets easier depending on which game mode we play like survival or battle royale.
  18. I think a lot of it comes down to your state of mind when you play those games. If you are more relaxed and nothing to commit to then you may not notice this type of issue of how games may affect your performance.
  19. So recently started with VainGlory. It seems like a good game to me.
  20. Depends on your liking as they say. I got bored because I kind of spent too much time on similar games like say rise of nation (PC) and it was kind of boring after some time. Farming and survive type games do get bored. But each to their own taste.
  21. I see so you may need to get in some emulators forums with the request for that specific game. Often some program authors may see that thread and test it out or find way to clear the bug.
  22. I think OP is pretty much right about choice vs determinism point. If I look back at it, kind of makes me agree with it.
  23. I kind of expected someone or something behind the multiverse. Like you know the cthulu game that recently launched which had a cult and had a story that lead to birth of cthulu reincartion vessel. So that sort of progression was expected. But the way BS Infinite moved I think it kind of dragged in that case.
  24. VR games are a bit harder to sustain on esports category though.
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