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Best Movies and TV Shows of 2022

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I just another bloody good animated series on Netflix, Maya and the Three.  It's based on ancient Mexican and central American mythology (Aztec, Mayan, ect).  It's mostly marketed towards kids and it can get pretty goofy but there is some very impressive action sequences and heavy drama, especially in the latter part of series.  Also the writer/director is Mexican and just about every member of the cast has some Latin American heritage and/or background so if your not a fan of white washing, there is no issue.  Yes I know it technically came out in 2021 but whatever.



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On 5/2/2022 at 4:33 AM, egghead said:

I am waiting for House of Dragons to premiere on HBO.

It's already out and on the 5th episode now. It's been an interesting TV series so far, although the 5th episode was a lame one in my opinion. I can't wait to see what we get from the 6th episode. 

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I just started watching DOTA: Dragon's Blood last week on Netflix and it's absolutely amazing! I never thought I'd find an anime/cartoon on Netflix that's as good as Castlevania. The characters are so well-written and the story is full of twists and turns.

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