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What's your favorite skin in Fortnite?

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Not gonna lie, I think the default skins are my favourite. Penny in particular was a favourite, if she's in the Battle Royale mode. I only really played pre-BR, so I can't speak to how the characters look now. That's one thing I have to give to post-PvE Fortnite though, the artstyle is clean and consistent.

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On 4/1/2022 at 6:43 AM, Nathan Harris said:

I would say black knight or blank panther, well I know I am obsessed with black 😎

I was going to say the same. My favourite skin is the black knight because it was released near the start of the game when the Battle Pass was just introduced to the game. Having that skin (which I do) means you're a Fortnite OG 😛

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31 minutes ago, Heatman said:

I have seen players use Raven skin for a long time now and it sure looks good. I might have it added to my wishlist. 

Correct, I loved the two skins the very first time I saw them on the Fortnite store, I decided to add them on my wishlist. That's how I was able to get them to coat my character, they look cool. 

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