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What's your favorite PC game?

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I sunk so many hours in Sims 2, you have no idea. Jumping from Sims 1 to 2 was a huge step up in quality and polish. You could have kids that inherited your genes! And they grew up! I plan to one day stream the 10 Generation Challenge just to see if I can get it done. I played Sims 3 and it was good, but missed the fun that 2 had. I liked being able to visit my neighbours finally but hated how they all grew up with you. Like, no, I am the word of God, I will say when these children become adults.

Another high contender is Portal. When I first played it, the I found the portal/wormhole mechanic to be some kind of ascended mechanic; it was beyond anything I would have ever thought of at the time. Plus the writing was so witty and well timed. Nothing feels out of place. It's like a perfect box of game.

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In the years I had a lot of different games like Minecraft, Counter Strike 1.6, Team Fortress 2, GTA Vice City and San Adeas and much more. But at the moment my favourite ones are Grand Theft Auto V and Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

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I don't play PC games hardly ever.  In that case, I will just mention one I liked in the past, but oddly enough, I don't remember the name.  It was a World War II game where you'd bomb these Japanese held islands. It was for Apple.

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I have been playing PC games for the past 10 years now. I have so many favourites, it's hard to pick just one. Here is why I have chosen Fortnite as of 2018 December:

  1. It's free, Its addictive, and the 3D graphics are exceptional. 
  2. Play with friends.
  3. Various cosmetics to choose from
  4. Ability to build
  5. A good range of weapons to select. 
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Modded Skyrim with Red Dead Redemption 2 a very close second and although I am currently playing RDR 2 more, Skyrim is the one game I am addicted to because you can turn your Skyrim game into anything you want it to be. The modding community for Skyrim is awesome and still very vibrant even after 7 years.

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5 hours ago, The Blackangel said:

Here's a quick list of the PC games I can think of off the top of my head. They're in no particular order:

1) Diablo
2) AOE2
3) MDK
4) Diablo 2

That's about it. I'm not going to lie, I've never really done a lot of PC gaming.

It's probably because you haven't found that one game that hooked you to PC gaming yet. Come to think of it, Skyrim did that to me and I was never the same...

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