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On 5/14/2022 at 12:02 AM, Yaramaki said:

Cool it's  good to know atleast somebody takes interest in my recommendations haha you know i always got the idea my posts of games are too obscure for vgr. anyways i had a look trough my collection yesterday evening and here is some more i forgot to post about, i'll just list the titles as i've got chores to do around the house and don't want to get sidetracked 😉 :

  • Boktai -> Can't remember to much about it but since Kojima produced it, it can't be bad.
  • The Pinball of the Dead -> I gave this a play last night and spend playing 2 hours, can't believe i forgot to list the game originally

  • Drill Dozer

  • Lilo & Stitch -> don't judge yet, give it a try first

  • Car Battler Joe

  • Sigma Star Saga

Well since most people know me by now i like my japanese shit so if you wanna play something not a whole lot of people have heard of and from what i remember are import friendly :

  • Oriental Blue: Ao no Tengai -> Pretty sure this got a fan translation in english, go play it if you find that rom if memory serves me right it is part of the far east of eden series aka Tengai Makyou which is a series that sadly never left japan. this is an Exellent rpg with many choices to make, that offers a different outcome with branching paths which was quite unique at the time. I'm sure you'll have fun with this one.
  • Tomato Adventure 

  • Densetsu no Stafy 1-3 

  • Kururin Paradise -> This is the sequel to Kuru Kuru Kururin i mentioned in a previous post

Alright now i really need to start getting to work because the house doesen't clean itself (sadly).

To stick to the topic i finished watch dogs legion yesterday, i have some mixed feeling about the game but i'll post about that in the appropriate thread after i finish the dlc and I still need to  get some achievement to complete it 100% before i can do that.

Hey dude just wanted to give you an update and once again thanks for the gba recomendations:

Ninja five-o : Its good I guess, slower than ninja gaiden but easier. I still dont get what all the fuss was about, maybe its just because its a rare physical game

The Pinball of the Dead : I dont play a lot of pinball games, this one is weird xD When you first recommended this one I was not expecting the game to be related to the House of the Dead games, its cool that you can kill some zombies with the pinball and I still dont undertand why I have to shoot a zombie at the beggining of each round,  I ran out of pinballs in all 3 scenarios before getting to the boss. Anyway not a big fan of pinball but it was fun.

Drill Dozer: I had played this game many many years ago on an emulator on PC , its a good game overall, but I feel Im missing out on the real experience of the game, a cool feature about it was the rumble or vibration from the console when drilling, something that Im missing out because Im emulating this on a 3ds. As to what I understand Boktai has a similar console only feature were you have to rely on real sunlight, I havent played Boktai yet but some people have metioned you can work around that using a button combination on the emulator.

Car Battler Joe:  An okay game but I feel that it has a lot of unnecessary story, it has the same text level as an rpg,  I mean the gameplay itself didnt look to deep, Its just basically cars crashing or shooting againts each other on a big arena or track, and the controls are a little stiff

Kururin Paradise : same as the first one Im really bad at this type of puzzle games xD

Lilo & Stitch: Surprisingly short, I mean like really really short, it took me about an hour or so to beat it. Its a cool action sidescrolling shooter.

Sigma Star Saga: My very first complain about it was that the controls are very stiff on the first spaceship level (Kinda like Gradius), it took me like 3 attempts to get pass that. After that there some story telling and then the gameplay changes to character overview and it turns in an action game, and thats when the game actually gets better, I stop playing it when I had to do another space ship level where I had to fight against a flying alien meatball. btw the main character looks like Ultralord from Jimmy Neutron xD

Tomato Adventure : This one I had to play it on my phone because for some reason the english patched version wasnt working on my 3ds. It has a very interesting fighting system, first of all its a turn based, for the attacks its based on a power bar with a timer for each of your weapons (or gimmicks as they call it on the game) and you can adjust the difficulty on the power bar, the easier the less damage it will dealt. I havent played much but Im probably going to spend the rest of the day playing this one.

Densetsu no Stafy 1 : This one I wasnt able to find the english patched version but its a simple enough game that you can almost play it without knowing what the text says, its a water adventure game, I liked the animation the star makes when you run on dry land it was very funny xD I only got to level 3. Same thing as Tomato adventure I had to play it on my phone.

Im leaving the rest for later this week or next week, I havent forgot about them.
Boktai , Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis , Yggdra Union and Oriental Blue: Ao no Tengai    

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Im having a blast with Yggdra Union: We'll Never Fight Alone  recommended by @Yaramaki , turn based rpgs, with some, paper, rock ,scisors elements like on Fire Emblem (sword, spear, axe), and also uses cards with effects like on Yugioh. Honestly its a very complicated RPG game, not only do you have to keep in mind the affinity between types clases (There is like 8 clases ) The cards determine how many steps you can move, if you run out of cards you loose, the cards themselves may only work on specific clases (or against) Also if your attacking character is male or female and depending how they are arranged on the map you can use combo attacks. I can go on and on about just the basics of battle of this game, honestly I have never played anything like it, at first I just assumed it was going to be like Fire emblem, but using cards effects do make things more complicated. Its like the rpg child between Yugioh and fire Emblem whoever came up with this game is probably one big nerd 😆. So far I have spent 4 hours into the game and Im probably going to keep playing this over the weekend. 

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I've been playing Pokemon Blue with just a Weedle. I just got the Poke Flute and Weedle is at level 52. It definitely hasn't been an easy challenge, I'm not looking forward to the elite four. I can assume Weedle will be at level 100 by the time I make it there. xD I've also been playing Shadow the Hedgehog again, I want to try and get every single ending. It's a eh game, definitely not one of my favorite Sonic games. I used to like it more when I was a edgy teenager when it came out in 2005.

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I'm in Elden Ring being a menace with my Zombie build. Basically I can't be killed when my life drops to 20% or below because one of the talismans I have negates a lot of damage and another greatly raises me def. On top of that, the Death Poker heavy attacks AOE deals 7 to 10K damage as the lower my health is, the more damage I do.

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I played PUBG on my mobile phone yesterday. I have been playing this game for few years and I really like this game. This is one of the few games that has been optimized for low end mobile devices.

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5 hours ago, Jasmin said:

I played PUBG on my mobile phone yesterday. I have been playing this game for few years and I really like this game. This is one of the few games that has been optimized for low end mobile devices.

Between PUBG and Fortnite, which one would you consider as the better option when it comes to Battle Royale Games? 

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