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The last game I actually played for fun was probably Path Of Exiles Talisman League or some Oldschool Runescape, P.C based / browser .

Def miss just diving into a game for weeks at a time until my brain finally accepted sunlight would do better than blue light XD



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Oof finally got around and beated The council played through late in the night yesterday, only to begin today with the same thing some puzzles were brutal and for one i had to look up a guide online, others toke me a few hours to figure out, you get plenty of hints here and there, only problem in my case was you have to understand the hints the game throws at you, toke me a while to figure the hints out. I got a pretty decent ending altough couldn't save everybody but all in all well worth the 20+hours i putted into the game eventough the story is sometimes hard to follow early on, but it all falls into place into the last 2 episodes. Had to mop up a few achievements i've missed but with these type of games it's fairly easy since there is a chapter select and you can skip all the dialogue. I'd say a job well done and the perfect way to conlude my 3 week vacation, off to work we go tommorow.



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