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I've been playing a lot of that Power Wash Simulator. And before anyone gives me shit about playing a game like this, it's oddly satisfying. I get why people would gawk at it and think it's dumb, but sometimes dumb can be relaxing. Though I am starting to get tired of playing, as it can take a while to get through each mission 100%. But, if you want a simple game to just relax to, it may be worth checking out. I also downloaded Lawn Mower sim, but haven't played it yet. 😄 

Oh and I've been playing Fallout 76 with friends, and also some RDR2 from time to time. 

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Ready or Not. There's a lot of these games cropping up with the (accessible-)realism genre coming back into fashion such as Door Kickers, Insurgency 2: Sandstorm and Hell Let Loose, et cetera. But the S.W.A.T 4 style games in particular appear to be returning with a vengeance.

I like it. It's very well polished for Early Access, practically feature complete and the devs are open about what's complete and what isn't. Just about all of the content is there, but some levels have textures missing and the odd bug. It's a particularly beautiful game with stellar audio engineering. It's very easy to get absorbed into it, even if it's very difficult.

I'm glad to have been invited back into my squad after a falling out with one friend, and paying £30 to join them is nothing compared to the amount of fun I've had with them, which is priceless. Hotel? Trivago, while we're at it.

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Yesterday i finally started to play Dragon quest 11, i played up towards where you get thrown in jail. Already fell into an old bad habit where i started grinding in the first area lol. Since today is a holiday here i should have a couple of more hours to devote to the game. 

I'm always scared to start these type of long games because at some point you'll get hooked and think of nothing else then the game. looks like social life is going to be put on hold for a while.

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19 hours ago, Clasher said:

Felt like  playing some fighter games so I played mortal Kombat 11 ultimate.

I'm still battling it out with playing Street Fighter 5. I played it last night for a good duration of time. I'm waiting for when the SF 6 would be released. 

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