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  1. Update on book I've been reading it the past few days. It is definitely complex. More so than Lord of the Rings. It does bring a creepy fear factor from so many things happening especially when Gods are involved. Great characters. Plot is yet to be emphasized so I keep wondering, which could make or brake it for me. But the mystery just won't allow me to quit. It is very unique.
  2. I've wanted to play that game. I will make that next on my list in horror. Can't remember exactly what stopped me from getting it. It was too expensive as a rare game or something like that. I love exploration with fear around every corner too. I'm talking scenes of slaughter and pushing your way through a room with bloody hanging half bodies. Find a head roll as a door hits it when you open it. And amplify that rolling sound like a bowling ball. So dense of a blood clotted head. But anyways, would a rare game like that count which doesn't have the popularity and high reviews?
  3. Loud crazy orchestra. It makes me freakin insane. My eyeballs turn in my head, I feel rage, everything moves real slow as I contemplate hacking away at the first person I see. Then the scene ends and I smile real big all open and blank, and ask,"anyone want some cake?" My toupe is flipped over the side and drool hangs from my mouth.
  4. I would have to say RE7. I'm not close to finishing it, so can't say if it's the best. But so far it is up there and has good reviews. I beat RE2 remake and played RE4. So as far as horror games that are both scary to me personally and has the popular reviews, RE7 is one of the top.
  5. There is that chance as you mentioned that the little people will have conflicts among themselves and will try to involve you to take a side. That is a situation I am not sure of how to react. I sure would try to get them to make a treaty. The answer would be easier if one side was blatantly the offender. As a giant, what would be your goal to exist there? Just live and dominate? The little people obviously reproduce and want a civilization. That would be a natural thing. The only unnatural thing would be a lonesome giant who has to masterbate and stomp the little people in frustration. If you were stranded on that planet, and if there was limited resources, then would you think your one life is more important than a whole civilization? I wouldn’t want to starve either, but there would have to be a way to grow enough food and a way to drink enough water. Planets are usually big, so space is irrelevant. Unless it's a tiny planet you can jog around the whole thing in one day. If they aren’t that advanced yet and would take years to create a system to sustain enough resources, then there is an obvious choice. Me or them. And I personally would value all their lives over my one. They can feast on me when I’m dead and erect a monument out of my bones. Realistically, the amount you would eat would compare to a couple thousand of them. So on a planet, pretty sure there would be plenty to go around. Look at all the different species on our planet we have to share food and water with. Maybe they would just see you as a God and worship you without you having to subjugate them or make them fear you. Fear of God is fear enough. Then they would offer you all the food and let themselves die as a sacrifice to you. But the rest of your life you would be living a lie. And if that guilt doesn’t affect you, then you would be a cold blooded devil in disguise.
  6. Wouldn't bore me as long as I have places left to explore. But once I've seen it all, I would need a story or objective to keep me in. So I just take my time in open worlds. I try not to get too leveled up beyond the main story and just enjoy it. 1st person shooters and military games gets repetitive for me. It needs a variety of cool environments, or hasta la vista.
  7. Before that, cause just 25 years ago everyone had pagers. Now we are all walking internet satellites. Some scenes in games already look real. You can take a photo, put it on a post card and nobody would know the difference. Take a black and white of Bayek in AC Origins and say, "hey mommy, look, they still have ancient warriors by the pyramids!" And dumb mommy will believe it.
  8. There are a million things to scare us. Out of these 5, which would scare you the most?
  9. How come I never come across a female wizard? They are always a sorceress or a sage. So there are female wizards too right?
  10. Selena tries too hard to be something she isn't. Just doesn't seem natural. Ariana seems a bit immature for her age. I saw her perform during a modeling runway and she kept getting in the way of the models and distracting them as if the show was for her only.
  11. I keep getting confused. What are the differences in a mage, sage, wizard, sorcery, priest, and any other magic users? What are the different types of magic? Is it just arcane and divine?
  12. It's marketing. Start small, then offer more later for people that want to sell their current used model and buy the new one. In a way, it motivates you to finish games faster to make space so you can buy even more games. Plus the new models go through an experimental stage, work out the bugs, then come out with a newer series with more gb. Or simply offer large tb from the start at a more expensive price. If someone is looking to buy the system and sees the price for the higher gb, they can get turned away from buying any new system. Start small, get more sales. Offer more later, get even more sales. Add extensions onto games for even more game sales. Try this organic jar of pickles. Now come back for the bigger jar with garlic. You like that? Now try it with less salt. Throw some pepper in the next one.
  13. But what if that dog was the size of little people or size of a bug you don't mind crushing? Would you still have sympathy for that dog? Humans have the ability to be rational and look at a situation and separate the offender and the abused. Who had more suffering? The person hitting the dog, or the dog getting hit? And for this instance let's say the dog did not bite anyone. So of course no rational being would sympathize with the person hitting the dog. If the dog bit the person, then you could sympathize with the person. But if the dog was the size of a puppy, or even a puppy itself, and bit the person, would it still be ok to hit the dog risking serious damage? We have the ability to make a rational decision and not react in quick anger to seriously injure the small dog. Not being able to sympathize to all that suffer, after rationalizing the situation; or having sympathy for an offender without rationalization makes you complicit in the support of abusive behavior. And not being able to sympathize with those you hurt makes you the abuser.
  14. I thought about the same thing, that if I left them be then they would fight each other or consider me a threat and go after me. To move first and force them into submission is the basic core of fear that is an animalistic instinct. You allow yourself to be a devolved humanistic species that lives in fear and reacts on the fight or flight response without the ability to rationally contemplate things, control their own reaction, or to fully feel sympathetic. A human with a higher intelligence is capable of having sympathy for all. You can't just choose what you want to sympathize with. To look down on or underestimate any intelligent species will always result in conflict. And conflict never truly has winners. Either side will always look for opportunities to strike until compromise is made. And even if you try to subvert them without use of destruction, then there is always a high chance of retaliation. Retaliation sees no rules and it means payback will be a bitch if they ever get the chance in any way or form. Becoming the offender that you fear others will become is tribal. Humans have the ability to perceive a threat, and make decisions after looking at all options. To inhibit that ability and let fear take over, makes your consciousness devolve into a species always reacting and not thinking. Being a giant and much more powerful gives you the right to feel secure and to trust in the smaller people. Fearing that civilizations can't survive without your intervention or to conquer them before they get you is classic authoritarianism. If they attack you, then you can obviously defend yourself. You would have the right to cripple them till they surrender. Then negotiate your future co-inhabiting the land. And I would think the little people wouldn’t have reason to attack you, or feel justified to attack if you hadn’t done anything wrong. If you made it clear you were there to help and gain their respect, they wouldn’t have reason to perceive you a threat. Don’t mean to take all the fun out of imagining yourself as a God or the all and powerful. But to be powerful, does that mean you have to conquer or force into submission? You can rule by leading a productive society. They can build you a giant tv if you help carry supplies from a mountain so they can build cities. When it comes to food, and the little people are preparing it for you out of forced labor, then they can easily discover poison too and put that in your food to liberate themselves. There is always opportunity for liberation when dominated.
  15. That's a pretty good point with movies being photorealistic. Old Joe way out in no man's land surrounded by flat Earthers might see a youtube clip of aliens attacking the WH from a spaceship and think it's real. Or pop some shrooms and get into a top notch virtual reality of pirates floating down Hoover Dam going to rob Vegas town. And it will be copyrighted so crazy papa can't glue scenes into a campaign commercial showing mobsters and monsters trying to hop the WH fence. But, in kookoo land everything is possible. My cat thinks that other cats in games are real. If you can fool a cat, you can fool 95% of humans, especially the American ones. Hmmm, tonight should I go to Greece or Egypt? Forget about that plane ticket and the hotels, tourist traps; Im gonna pop in some Odyssey. Then check out Afghanistan in MGS.
  16. I personally loved Dying Light. And part 2 is something I am really looking forward to more than any other game coming out. I hope it is for ps4 and ps5. The new Horizon has got to be a must for me. I didn't know there was a sequel in the making. I need to finish up Horizon Zero Dawn.
  17. Well, you made clear your intentions that you would want to dominate them. You should answer your own question. I've made my answer clear already. To extend on humanity, would you feel you lost humanity? What is your interpretation on humanity? I have a post where I think humans are parasites. But that is simply a truth of devouring resources of the environment we live in and destroy it. That's on a mass scale. Individuals are different. Strains are different. You have enough consciousness to know right from wrong. To feel sympathetic. If you lack that basic core of humanity to sympathize, then you become the parasitic strain. It is the devolved species of humanity that can't sympathize. It becomes animalistic, to kill, to dominate, to urinate around your territory. Higher intelligence makes all life valuable. And by intelligence, I mean the consciousness to know right from wrong.
  18. If you get a flu shot and develop bumps or skin rash, then get to a hospital. You can have cardiovascular arrest over night. The bumps are swollen lymph nodes. Older especially needs to watch out. If that happens, it means you have been previously exposed to Covid. We all know trump is a complete failure in this. And many of you are in the UK. I see Borris as being just an idiot as trump. Same rhetoric. Wise up all across the board. Protect each other against both Covid virus and Nazi virus. Stand together and don't get pushed around by authoritarians.
  19. The FBI stopped a group of men from militias that plotted to kidnap the governor of Michigan in USA. This is a week after trump couldn't condemn white supremacy. For those that think I talk too much politics, well you must be clueless to what is going on in the USA. You thought I was paranoid. Well now I can say you better wake the fuck up. This isn't an isolated incident. These Nazis are spreading even to your countries. I'm glad you have shown a bit of toleration towards me. But now you better start fucking listening.
  20. I've got apocalypse fever. My head hurts. Woke up today feeling dizzy. When I went to get something to eat, I just stood there looking inside my fridge and I threw up. I found myself walking around outside and couldn't remember what happened. I started walking and people were running from me. I noticed there was goo all over me. It was pieces of flesh and matted hair. Blood was all over me. I saw a body down the street torn to pieces. I realize then, I've become a monster. All I want is brains. Damn human skin is stuck between my teeth. It's salty like a pig.
  21. Nukes? no. Space shuttles? no. Automobile? no. Human's greatest achievement was the NES. Even aliens marvel at it as on of their world wonders.
  22. Not so bad a game. It's a zombie apocalypse in the forest. Graphics are good. Story is average. Sucks having to keep looking for gas for the bike. Maybe the expectations were too high. I played the game with low expectations and was surprised how easily I got into it. At first I thought it was going to be the racist biker take on the apocalypse, but not the case. It's got some pretty good little towns, outposts, and quarantine zones all destroyed and sprinkled throughout the map. Pretty eerie. I don't know why it had such bad reviews.
  23. The worse part of war is becoming a POW. I don't know of any battles or war in a game that emphasizes torture. So we can throw images around and blow things up. Swing swords or have battle simulations. But it's all impersonal. Best portrayal of war would be the torture involved. You can have 100 tanks rolling and shooting. But it will never say more than lining people up and hacking at them. Whatever war befalls in the near future, you can guarantee Nazis will be involved. Don't get taken alive!!!
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