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What's your first ever video game played?

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7 hours ago, Sharon said:

I remember sitting near the outlet with the power adapter connected because my parents were tired of replacing the double A batteries. :classic_biggrin:

Seriously - I'd be very rich right now if I could get all the money which I had spend on purchasing AA batteries 🔋 for this game. 

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36 minutes ago, Empire said:

So many, my main big game that I played that was from the box disc set was Halo the very first game 😉 But played many games before that. 

What gaming system did you play those so many games before your main game Halo? 

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The first ever video game that I had played was The super Mario. I had NES console and I used to play most of the time there. It was in early 2006, if I am not wrong. 

There are also other games like roadrash, and Olympic games that I used to play. I really loved javelin throw. 😆

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