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Bid For Rewards + Announcing Our Third Moderator!

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I want to let everyone know that Bid for Rewards is officially back. How it works is that you receive 2 Points for each post reply and 5 Points for each new thread. You can then use your Points to participate in auctions to "Bid for Rewards" for gift cards, cash, video games, and video game consoles.

I also want to take time to introduce @Yaramaki as VGR's third moderator. He will be joining @The Blackangel and @Shagger. @Yaramaki has contributed thoughtful and insightful postings since first joining VGR and we're excited to welcome him to the team. Congratulations and we look forward to your continued contributions to VGR. 

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When i first came here it was to talk about videogames, one thing that was immediately clear to me this is the messageboard i have been looking for years, fellow posters welcomed me when i first joined up like i have been here for years. Everybody is so open and genuine   there is no hate and jealousy towards eachother wheter or not somebody has a different oppinion it doesen't end up in a flame war. I may consider myself more video game collector then gamer these days but being part of vgr has worked miracles like getting stoked again on current gen gaming and actually being encouraged to play games that are way out of my zone. 

I also want to thank @DC, @Shagger and @The Blackangel for their faith and trusting me with this task, i'll try my utmost best to be the best mod i possible can, so if there is ever anything you possibly think i could help out with wheter it's board related or not, do not hestitate to send me a pm.

Also thanks to all of you guys the entire community for being the way you are, we may not always agree with eachother but let's keep doing what we do best and make vgr the best place it possible can be.

Damn i almost sound like a politician.

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