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Best modern 2D plataform games

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After checking out some topics here I have an itch for 2D platform games but I want to see something modern, a modern day 2d plataform game. So far I have only been playing Rayman origins, but I want to try something like Hollow knight.
What are the best modern 2D plataform games you have played in this current game generation ?

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In addition to Rayman Origins per the OP I'd recommend its sequel, Legends. Much more emphasis on rhythm given the musical theme of the game, which works brilliantly with the momentum and speed.

Yooka-Laylee and The Impossible Lair's a good game also, which takes some inspiration from Rayman Legends but not enough to do its rhythm well. Rather it leans more towards the tactical side of platformers with Donkey Kong Country and the mysteries of Super Mario World.

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