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When are you not in the mood for gaming?

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I was posting in another thread asking what games people like to play when feeling down. I was half-surprised when @Shagger and @LadyDay both mentioned that they tend not to play games when they are feeling down, and prefer other activities instead.

Gaming is pretty much my go-to activity especially when I am feeling anxious, depressed, fatigued, etc. It gives my brain something to latch onto and offers some structure and routine.

So, this made me curious to ask everyone here. When are you not in the mood to game? When you are sad? Angry? Bored? Scared? Distracted? Excited about something else? What moods make your console or PC look totally unappealing?

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Any game worthwhile has something in it that demands your input to get from one place to the next, to progress. If one is not in a place where such demands are welcome, then that's the place where one may not be in the mood to play video games. I get that you find games so comforting because video games are the not only ultimate distraction, but achieve that through empowerment making video games potentially a very easy way to subdue depression. I love games for the same reason, but that's not always the best solution for me.

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When I'm too depressed to do or enjoy anything, that tends to include games too. Sometimes I can just sit and stare into space, feeling miserable, while even the smallest activity feels like a impossible, Herculean effort. So that's game breaking and no fun.

When I'm anxious I can't play games that require a certain level of tension, Adrenalin, fast reaction speeds or requires a good overview of a situation. F.eks. games that require fighting. That's when calming activities such as drawing or reading are better. 

I also just have multiple hobbies, so sometimes I'm simply more in the mood for another of them than for gaming. 

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