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The Blackangel

What's your favorite home console?

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For this I'm excluding PC and mobile.

I want to see what console everyone's favorite is and why. I don't mean generalized" or "Xbox". Be specific. Like Xbox 360, or PS3. Maybe Game Cube or Sega Dreamcast. if it's a home console, it's in the running. Do you like Jaguar? 3DO? Atari 7200? Xbox? PS2?

I would say my favorite is and will always be the NES. I'm partial to 8 bit graphics, and the games were always so unique on the system. You rarely saw a sequel, unless it was a huge franchise. There are so many games that range from every genre you can think of. Some were mixed genres, and others simply didn't fit any genre at all. If you can tell me what genre Marble Madness fit in, and make a plausible point as to why, then you're a hell of a lot smarter than I am.

You don't see a lot of unique games anymore like we did on the NES. It's all sequels to sequels to sequels. I get that some franchises are huge, and the fans of that franchise want more of it. I get that. But I just wish someone would put out a truly unique game, like they did back in the NES era. So many games are ripoffs of others.


But anyway, the NES will always be number 1 for me.





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