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What's your Graphics Card?

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1 hour ago, _B_ said:

So my one is the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 (4GB). I think it's pretty good and handles all the games I play as expected.

What about you?

Nice, I got the same one myself, except mine says NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Super, but it also has 4GB of Vram. 

Plays games really well. Haven't had any problems, gaming and streaming even. 🙂 

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I game on a laptop that has a GTX 2060 6GB. Because this is a laptop it's not got the maximum performance the full fat, desktop version of the GXT 2060 has the potential to reach, but even this semi-skimmed version has taken every game I've thrown at it at max settings at 1080p with little to no comprise thus far.

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I was expecting most of you guys to have the 2000 or even the 3000 series but seems not. I have the 1660TI OC version. Paid extra $80 to get the highest 1660TI there is. Also, it's cheaper than any of the 3000 series.  AT the time that I got the car I was using i7 3930K and that was the max card that I can get that works with the CPU.

Now since I had to get now motherboard two weeks ago, I'm using i7 10700K and my 1660TI is bottlenecking LOL  So good news that I can upgrade my GPU to any 3000 series in the future.

1660TI is a very good GTx card that does around 1980mhz with GDDR6 memory, not GDDR5. 

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