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  1. He should first tackle his obesity life before addressing other issues, he has an issue unsolved, I don't see anything tangible with what he said. Moderator Edit: Please refrain from using personal attacks.
  2. I open as much games within short period of time, I don't play a single game to finish it before I move on to another. I'll feel burnt with the game within short period of time, I just need different stories to keep my time buzzing.
  3. Mine is 4G RAM, my small nephew loaded it with plenty of games, I didn't even know when he downloaded those games. I just woke up one day and saw them on my phone. I didn't delete any because it makes him happy and doesn't lag my phone. I have Android cleaner apps, it helps me filter junks and improve optimization.
  4. That's just it man, I wouldn't play games that doesn't tickle my interest. Strategy, platformers and the rest in the list are just nightmares in my life when video games is concerned. So boring, my nephew's kind of brand, I don't see anything Inspiring there.
  5. - Candy Crush Saga - World of Goo This two games took me about 2-3 days before I understood how to play them talk more of succeeding in them, I couldn't eliminate all the coins in candy crush saga, and I failed multiple times.
  6. Such made me to stop playing EA FIFA due to the fact that, the series decided to carry all tremendous features to it's FUT mode, leaving offline career mode with less feature. Before you unlock any item in offline career mode you'll go through hell, but in FUT, you can upgrade to that feature with coins you purchased with value.
  7. Any genre that isn't on my list should go into my dislike list. And I found the following so weird to play; -Casual game - Puzzle - Platformer - Strategy
  8. Even when the game was at the beta, their was loads of good impression around the game, it's one of those AAA games that didn't disappoint after being launched. I am yet to play it I am still figuring a miscellaneous funds to purchase it.
  9. Yes of course, if anyone doubts it, they should ask Man United that struggled to secure a top four position last season, even Arsenal too find it so difficult to secure a UCL place for themselves last season.
  10. I know of 'RD online and the usual 'RDR-1 and 2, I never heard about a 'Red Dead Revolver game before, I think it will be something to catch before dragging my conclusion on this game.
  11. It sound like those anime' movies where everything is talking, both sticks and trees lol, I'll watch out for the game sooner but let me see what others who played it gonna comment first before I consider the fun looking game.
  12. The game has a high rating on steam, I just searched through it on Google I found 9.0/10 rating for the game. That's marvelous, but I didn't love what I saw in the picture for the game, the images aren't 3D, or the type we see in most unreal or frostbite engine consoles.
  13. Why would you forget it, it comes like you won a trophy in real life playing professional football when the onus is low on your side to make it. When I won someone that thought me how to play PES 7-1, I felt like I'm in cislunar, it was the first time I defeated him in a PES match.
  14. @Heatman answered it right. If a single team wins it year after year, their is nothing exciting. If you check EPL, you can't see a single team winning it four consecutive, even if Manchester city is proving too strong for others to catch-up, I don't see them winning it like the way Bayern Munich have monopolized bundesliga.
  15. Those who are introvertic socialize well online than offline. I was just like that offline but with time I started expressing myself just just video game interaction online made it change for me. Because, I am into football, I meet lots of people along the way who loves soccer just as I do. But to be frank, video games helped me to adapt to driving better with high precision when it comes to making quick driving decision..
  16. Oh, even up to now the broken game is yet to be released. It means, waiting till time indefinitely, I don't even have a time for the game. Since last year (2021) I heard about it's delay,the company have kept it cool while working to release it.
  17. Cheats fits puzzle game no doubt. Their is no way I can stress myself that much to play puzzle games without trying my way with cheats if I have them in my possession. I so much hate games that stresses my medulla, I love relaxing games and racing is one of them.
  18. Lol, a name of state here in my country indeed, when I heard the word 'IMO first time, I was thinking the state here in my country have become so popular than the entire country itself.
  19. Bayern Munich have monopolized the league, no longer four horse racer competition but one horse competition just for Bayern to win before January. No wonder people here in my demographic call it farmers league, because, their is nothing exciting anymore to it when we know who the winner would be.
  20. Neymar Jr started very well during the 2015/2016 season while at Barcelona, infact it was very impressive better than this current stat. He scored four goals in a single match around match day two in the season, just two matches back then, he had six goals and as many assists. But later in the season his form dipped and expectations came down and it didn't end as a fantastic season for Ney. The only season never started very well and ended very well was 2014/2015 when Barcelona won the treble and Neymar Jr ended the season with 39 goals, and finished third in balloon d'or voting box.
  21. Not because he hasn't blended well with the rest of the team, it's a crisis period with Manchester United team. It will take time for a rebuild and catch-up with other elite teams in the division of EPL. I don't see Man United finishing anywhere near top four this season.
  22. Face to face battles in those games you mentioned gives anyone bragging rights amongst my peers. When I'm winning my friends I call myself the best at that moment, and I was cool playing motorcycle games and PES in the past, I can say I was one of the best via those two genres of game.
  23. 😂, Movies are too long for me to complete, I love an entertainment I can control on my end and finish on time. And racing games is one of them, I can have fun playing within 10-15 mins, that isn't enough for a complete movie. I hate watching movie halfway and I don't have time to wait 2-3 hours to finish a movie at the moment, I watch somehow during weekends. Gaming is far better than movies to me, I love being in control of the characters and create the fun the way I want it.
  24. Already Ney has 4 goals in the ligue one season in as many assists too. If he continues his red hot form, their is every possibility of the team winning it all this season.
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