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  1. It might be a while before you see Kroos in the game unfortunately. I think he has previously said that he found the Fortnite celebrations in real life childish when some players did it after scoring. So I would assume he's not a fan of the game lol
  2. I haven't bothered much with the campaign in the recent Call of Duty titles since I always just jump into the multiplayer. It would be cool to get a big campaign for once, and one that lasts quite a bit of time without it being very easy to finish quickly. But I guess they know multiplayer is the big cash cow so don't bother with the story much.
  3. Yeah, I think I saw something about players like Reus and Kane being in the game during the international matches a little while ago. It works so well because they have so much freedom to choose and add whatever character skins they want. And these companies that own the rights to the skins/players/characters will never say no because of the money.
  4. Darth

    Last Game Played

    Hogwarts Mystery on iOS. It's not a game I would have tried out normally but there was an offer on some site that offered a bonus to play it and reach a certain milestone within a week. It's actually quite fun and would be a great game for Harry Potter fans. The only annoying thing is the timers that stop you playing unless you pay to skip it.
  5. I have a Galaxy Fit2 because it was on special offer and I just couldn't not purchase it. I've been using it quite a bit recently just to track my steps and to allow remind me when I have been sitting down for too long. I do like the idea of smart watches but I don't like the shape of the Apple Watch. Plus, I think I like traditional watches a little too much to move to a smart watch.
  6. Ozark as an open world game would be fantastic to play. It could allow you to start your own business in the Ozarks and you have to battle other gangs/crews/mobs to make sure your crops and business isn't affected by their actions. Would be amazing to just drive around that area as well.
  7. Cosmetic items aren't too bad if you're a massive fan of the game, to be fair. For example, with Fortnite, they always release special skins in partnership with movies, TV shows, and celebrities so if you're a massive fan, it might be worth getting that skin and playing as that character in-game.
  8. I can't remember the last time I spent some money on a game. I know I bought the battle royale like pass in Clash Royale for about a month or two but that was when the pass was actually worth it and gave you quite a lot of things in-game. But they made it worse because I presume they were losing money from it so I stopped buying it. Other than that, I haven't touched in-app purchases.
  9. Looks like the next one will be Modern Warfare 2. Can't wait to see what it is like and to see a trailer for it. I stayed away from Vanguard since it didn't have a modern setting and just stuck with Cold War. So I'll be looking forward to this since I can finally get a new brand new first person shooter.
  10. I would prefer if they went down a different route and just came up with some new characters and a completely unique story, to be honest. I still haven't played the first RDR so my only experience is with Red Dead Redemption 2 but it would be nice to move away from John, Jack, and the Van der Linde gang.
  11. Darth

    Last Game Played

    Some F1 2021 on the Xbox Series X. I am finally getting used to the game so doing a bit better now and I'm not getting left behind in last place now. Hoping to spend a bit of time on it over the weekend so I can improve my team and the car and finally start competing for some wins!
  12. I use PayPal from time to time but I've never tried to use it for individual restaurants. I do use it from time to time with Uber Eats because PayPal is pretty good at protecting you if something goes wrong. But I do wish more places accepted it because I've had to start taking money out of PayPal and adding it to my cards to use it.
  13. That's pretty cool then. I might have to download Warzone to check it out because I don't have access to Vanguard, only Cold War. It would be a pretty surreal experience to see a massive King Kong on the map attacking you especially if they've done a good job with the PS5 haptics.
  14. Wow. I had to search for this on Google again because it just seemed like such a weird partnership but I like it. I'm still slightly confused about how it works though. Is Godzilla and King Kong going to be in a specific mode or in all Warzone games?
  15. It hasn't been great and I would honestly prefer a discount to never get these free games ever game. From the last 12 months, I think I've only actually downloaded 2 games and that was Overcooked and Planet Coaster. The one good thing is that the free games are a lot better than what MS offers for Gold members.
  16. Yeah, at least with Grand Theft Auto Online, the collectables are just sort of figures in fixed areas. So you can sort of follow a user guide to get them if you have the time to spend on it. But RDR2 is just a joke with it. The amount of different animals you have to identify for one of the achievements is absurd
  17. GTA Online has this problem with the little collectables that are dotted around the map. I don't even know what half the collectables are but they've added so many that it's quite annoying.
  18. The first multiplayer game I played was Club Penguin and I loved it as a kid. I was so interested in it that I really wanted to create a game like that so I was experimenting with different options. It never worked out of course but I did make a little practice game on Scratch.
  19. Darth

    COD Mobile

    A mobile game will never be to the standard of a PC or console game (most of them anyway). But it's good to have such a popular series like Call of Duty have a high quality mobile game for people without access to a gaming PC or console. I would struggle with a FPS on mobile though because of the controls.
  20. People will always complain and send you bad messages I guess for any old reason. The best thing we can do is just keep beating them and ignoring their messages 😆. Annoy them even more by continuing to use meta/over powered items and strategies.
  21. Yeah, it's just one of those things. You either get the people that prefer the GTA 4 or GTA 5 driving. I'm yet to come across someone that likes both lol. It would be awesome to get a sort of option in the settings to switch between the two but I guess that would involve a bit too much effort.
  22. I'm not sure what their game genre is, to be honest. I guess they count as sort of clicker games because you need to use the mouse mainly to control the avatar and then for some games, click to control it. It terms of the extension, I was just referring to the .io which these games always use in their domains
  23. Yeah and that's honestly a great thing for them. Especially for the patients that have to stay at hospitals for a longer period of time so video games would help keep them entertained and keep their mental health up since sometimes it can be hard to spend all day on a hospital bed.
  24. I do this sometimes with the taxi missions in Grand Theft Auto V singleplayer. I always got annoyed with taxi missions in any game that sort of rushed you to get to the destination which meant you had to break the rules. Sometimes it's fun to just drive someone whilst following the traffic laws.
  25. It's a minor complaint but the driving physics (is that the right term?) of Grand Theft Auto V always bugged me. I preferred the physics in Grand Theft Auto 4 because it was harder to master cars since they felt quite heavy and you had to be somewhat skilled to drive quickly.
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