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  1. Out of the games that I have tried on the PS5, I would actually say Astro's Playroom. It's the only game so far that has taken advantage of every single feature that is packed in to the DualSense like blowing into the microphone port to turn a fan etc. The haptics felt great too.
  2. None at all, to be honest. I just rely on social media and gaming sites like this to keep me updated on new releases and game updates. The only time I watch a game event is when there are rumours of a big reveal like a Rockstar Games title or like when Sony was about to unveil the PS5.
  3. The thread to post ratio on that site is disgusting. It's clear that they're just copying content and it's not beneficial to that forum at all because clearly no one seems to be discussing the threads they post. Place pretty much looks dead as well.
  4. Darth

    Genshin Impact

    I keep seeing this mentioned on different sites and I'm actually curious to try it out. I was quite surprised to see it available on so many different platforms as well especially on console because I assumed it was some sort of mobile game. Might have to give it a try on the PS5
  5. Darth

    Word Games

    Have you had a chance at trying Wordle? Not exactly a multiplayer game but I guess you can still compare your results with friends and families depending on whether you can guess the word or not.
  6. True. I guess the best starting point is some sort of course that will introduce you to the basics of developing an app such as placing texts, buttons and even creating a menu. And then once you have the basics down, you can move on to the gameplay elements.
  7. Oh okay, got it. Yeah, I was only talking about the controllers. There would be no reason to get another PS5 especially with the stock problems around the world at the moment. It's still a bit difficult to get your hands on one. Back to the topic, I do hope they release a copper version soon of the PS5 controller. The PS4 had a copper version and it was beautiful.
  8. I have never tried but I would love to start one day. It wouldn't be a proper, serious mobile game that I would look at turning into a business. But something small and minor just for the fun of it to see if I can develop a mobile game properly.
  9. I am with O2 at the moment and have been for quite a while now. On my current plan, I get 30GB of data, unlimited minutes, and unlimited data. I pay around £13 per month after my loyalty discount which is quite good especially as you get a lot of freebies from O2 like 6 months of Disney+ for free.
  10. Darth

    Last Game Played

    A bit of Rubber Bandits on the Xbox Series X. It was available through the Game Pass so I thought I would try it out. There's not that much to do in the game but I have to say, it's a bit of mindless fun which is interesting.
  11. Driving games on the PS5 that take advantage of the DualSense features feel amazing. Wreckfest with the PS5 update felt amazing with the DualSense because you could feel the gears changing and the triggers would become more difficult to use the more damaged your car was. And the vibrations were great too because you really felt it when someone crashed into you.
  12. I think it can depend on the type of game that you're playing. For driving games, I do prefer it if there is a realistic level of darkness during the night because it just makes it more interesting especially when you have to rely on your headlights to see in front of you. The Crew had this problem because the headlights didn't function properly so they fixed it by reducing how dark it was at night 😞
  13. I'm slightly confused as to what you're trying to ask me. I have a PS5 with the normal white controllers that the PS5 has. The thread was about whether we're interested in getting the different coloured controller options. I like the coloured options but I said I don't really care about them enough to buy them.
  14. Honestly, I haven't had this problem. Seeing some of the new colour options for the PS5 was quite nice and I would love to get some of them but the prices help keep me grounded. Whilst it would be nice to get those colour options, I don't really care that much as long as I have a functioning controller.
  15. Not sure about FIFA or GT7 Head_Hunter. Both are dodgy games but obviously if you enjoy them, good for you. I do like FIFA but it definitely has a few too many problems to be a masterpiece. For me, it would be Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2. Rockstar Games may be problematic right now but they are still pretty good at developing games.
  16. Yeah, it's quite fascinating to see how many companies and industries are affected by it. Since I only bought my used car in late 2020, it's funny to see that it's actually worth a bit more now because people are struggling to get their hands on new cars.
  17. To be fair to them, it's a problem with getting the parts for the PlayStation 5 and having the ability to build more as quickly as possible. I'm sure once these problems are sorted out, Sony and Microsoft will be pushing for more consoles to be put on shelves and available to purchase online.
  18. Darth

    Last Game Played

    CrossfireX on the Xbox Series X. It's a pretty good game considering the fact that it's free to play and I love the classic mode because you can't scope with your weapons. You have to hipfire the weapons like CSGO which is quite fun. Never seen that before on a console game.
  19. Yeah, it was quite interesting to learn that they didn't bother with multiplayer for the game. I mean, it isn't always a bad thing because there are some amazing single-player only games but it would have been interesting to play with others in the Harry Potter universe.
  20. Evening everyone. Hope everyone has had a great week so far and it's great to know that we're already at the end of the week. I'm looking forward to the weekend and just relaxing after a pretty busy week. Anyone planning any big April Fools pranks?
  21. I like them both but Sony is my favourite for gaming. The PlayStation 5 is my main gaming console and I just love it especially with what they did with the DualSense controller. It was innovative and it just makes the PS5 feel a lot more special compared to the Series X.
  22. It's not something I've done much but I probably should do it more regularly especially with my consoles. I have never, ever bothered cleaning my game discs though. Since they're inside the original gaming cases, I don't think they need to be cleaned.
  23. The driving physics of Grand Theft Auto V for me. I loved the driving physics in GTA 4 which felt a little bit more "realistic". It also was a lot more difficult which meant you needed a bit of skill for racing and chases. The driving in GTA 5 just feels a bit too much like an arcade game.
  24. Here you go everyone, it has finally been announced. Personally, it doesn't seem too impressive to me at the moment so I will probably be sticking to the normal tier of PS Plus (or whichever one is the equivalent of the current one).
  25. I guess it's just something that they want to be on the platform since a few people might find it useful to quickly search something. I think it's also slightly necessary for consoles because there are sometimes sites that they want you to check out for help and information. It's better to allow users to access that directly from the console rather than telling them to visit it on another device. So not exactly a feature they expect a lot of users to use all the time but still a necessity.
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