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Do you play online games to keep up with old friends?

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On 2/23/2022 at 9:26 PM, StaceyPowers said:

Do you play online games to keep up with old friends? I just started playing Minecraft with my high school BFF who lives across the country from me. It’s been a great way to hang out again virtually.

I have made a couple of good friends from playing Top Eleven Football Manager over the years. Good friends that have my back always. 

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I decided to go online via motor GP 21, to test my experience with real world gamers, such gave me the feeling of knowing that, I need to improve more to compete favourably with those pro gamers I encountered with online. They gave me real boost, I love several racing contests with them, came out on top too in some contest I competed with others. In total, i played 20 exhibition racing matches, lost 15 times, and winning just 5.

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Old and new freinds in terms of online gaming, then again I have online friends that I meet 10 years ago that we ahve not talk and not speak in years. Shame. No idea why we do not talk much anymore, htere are two people regards to that. I do not send PMS to them and they do not return. 

End of the day, group of people that I know them for 5 years are still together and gaming. 

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