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Gaming for anxiety

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I don't think it's too unusual. That's a big part of why I consider the switch to play most gaming platform to play games on PC while I had the PS2 back in the day, despite having a far superior PC with a large library of some of it's best games, still unplayed. Since it's easy to pick up and play or set back down, I'm more likely to actually play games on it.

But yeah, for me it's again opposite and get right into the madness. 

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Ascendance on Switch is a great game for anxiety. It's just soothing and the background music is mind relaxing beyond most anything. I also think RDR2 is a good one. You don't have to do anything storyline relatied. You can just jump on your horse and go for a ride. You can stop by any lake or river and go fishing. You can go around picking random plants. You can study the wildlife. You can go to town and take in a show. You can help out strangers in stranger missions. Or you can hang around camp and interact with everyone there.

There's really no limit except for your imagination in RDR2.





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