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How long have you owned your Xbox for?

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At the moment the current Xbox I have is the Xbox One X and I have had this console since around 2019 I think it was. Prior to that I had an Xbox One S and then before that I had the Original Xbox One. So far touch wood I have had no issues with the Xbox One X I have now and it's still running well enough for me to be able to use and keep using for much longer and maybe even pass down to my daughter when I am able to upgrade. When I am able to, I am wanting to upgrade to the Xbox One X as I feel I would need the space due to my live streaming and content creation. Hoping to be able to do this hopefully next year and finally be caught up.

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I got my first Xbox 360 in 2007. I remember because that's the year Call of Duty 4 came out. I then got a new Xbox 360 slim after dealing with 5 separate RROD's on my original arcade Xbox 360. I think I got the Xbox 360 slim around 2011, and then a new one around 2013 or so. And I think 2015 is when I purchased my Xbox One. So from 2007 to now, I had an Xbox console. 

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