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Is it a house or apartment or something else?   How much did you pay?  Do you rent?  What is your rent?   What color is your house, if you have one?   Have you done remodeling work on it?   How much a challenge was that?  How much did it cost?

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  • House
  • Five Bedrooms
  • Built in 1880s
  • Two barthrooms
  • Home own outright
  • cheap and updated kitchern
  • Normal house color (REALLY)
  • Three storys high
  • no garage, car park in the street
  • House on the high street
  • rooms are BIG, high ceiling rooms
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-One bed room
-Built by nature
-One corner for bathroom, another corner for bed
-Roommate is a racoon, very rude but pays rent with stolen goods
-Cheap since its a cave so free (The racoon doesnt know that)
-Color, brown dirt shit
-About 1 meter or 3ft tall
-I rent the place to a bear during the christmas holidays, bastard is always on a bad mood after his stay but again he pays rent
-Outdoors, lots of open space around
-Ongoing fight with squirrels neighboors, they tend to shit on the drive way, the racoon is helping me to fight back, we are doing the same to their tree.

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I'm currently living in a rented 2 bedroom flat bungalow with a big dinning room and living room. I have a big lawn outside and a tennis court. If it's possible to add a swimming pool in it, I wouldn't mind. 

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- 3 bedrooms

- spacious living room

- decent kitchen

- wall painting and wall art in my room

- completely fenced with high rising Gates

- a garden with lots of fruits and vegetables

That's pretty much everything .

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On 5/30/2022 at 10:17 PM, Head_Hunter said:

_Three bedroom apartment

_ No paint

Modernized building structure, with A.C in the lounge, bath room on each of the room. 

No paint? It was was decorated with wallpapers then? My friend had that done with his house. He never used any paint in his house but only wallpapers and tiles. 

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