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Contest: Win a Free Copy of Call of Duty Vanguard Ultimate Edition

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VGR is giving away three free copies of Call of Duty Vanguard Ultimate Edition, retails at $100 USD. I have PC and PS4/PS5 digital copies available for the winner - no Xbox codes, unfortunately.

The first three members to create 150 new forum threads will win. To enter, simply reply to this thread and I will track and update the leaderboard once per day. You may create threads in any section of the forum (it doesn't have to be within the gaming section), however, the threads must be substantive and meaningful. @Shagger (who may also participate and enter) along with myself will review for low quality/low effort, spam threads, and those users will be disqualified.

Again to enter, simply reply below.

Entered Users/Leaderboard (updated daily)

Reality vs Adventure - 20

The Blackangel - 9

Head_hunter - 7

Empire - 4

kingpotato - 3

Shagger - 1

Crazycrab - 0

AndreiMirfi - 0

Heatman - 0

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Just now, The Blackangel said:

I would be interested, but due to my experiences in the Marines, I can't play games like this. My psyche can't handle it without having a total break from reality and a stay in a psych ward. I don't want to go through that again.

No harm in entering, let me know if you'd like to and I'll add your name to the list. There will be 3 winners and you can track your progress daily.

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Just now, Rain Dew said:

I’m passing so someone more into this kind if game can get it. It’s not really my kind of game.

Understand, you can always regift it to a friend/family member or even sell it. Doesn't matter to me. Feel free to enter if you'd like, otherwise be on the lookout for more giveaways coming soon. 🙂

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20 minutes ago, Reality vs Adventure said:

I would like to give a try. When does it start? After this post? 

Starts now. I'll be updating the leaderboard each day.

17 minutes ago, Shagger said:

I'll throw my hat in the ring, but given COD is not my kind of thing, I won't push this too hard, but I will certainly help with this contest as I think it is superb @DC.

Good luck.

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No way I'm creating 150 threads, not even in a year. I don't want to diss the idea, but judging based on quantity rather than quality doesn't seem like the best idea. For example what is considered a spam or low effort thread? I myself would consider posting a youtube video as a new thread as low effort, unless I added a substantial amount of commentary to it.

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