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What apps do you use on a daily basis?

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  1. YouTube is my #1 most used app. Everything I do involves that being on in the background.
  2. Discord runs in the background, but I only use it to catch up and play with my D&D group.
  3. Facebook for memes, keeping in touch with family, and talking to my partner online.
  4. D&D Beyond for 5th Edition rules and character sheet customisation.
  5. Audible/BBC Sounds/Spotify for audiobooks and podcasts.
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I would say probably the Weather app, our local weather with radar, hourly/daily/weekly. But a while back I was always on Pet Buddies app building outside scenes and sometimes decorating rooms. You can only do so much and then I guess that's it with that game. My final "room" was actually a huge beach scene with a well-known hotel I built piece by piece called the Don CeSar. 🌴 It took me like a whole week. Then I was finished with the whole thing and figured, can't beat that. You're done.

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  1. Youtube 
  2. Amazon Kindle/Audible for Ebooks/Audiobooks
  3. Antennapod
  4. Bitwarden - password manager
  5. F-Droid for Apps not on the Google Playstore
  6. Whatsapp/Line for communication
  7. Silentnotes for making lists, taking notes and journaling
  8. Reddit
  9. TickTick for habit tracking/productivity
  10. Snapdrop to wirelessly share files between my devices on the same network. Fantastic alternative to Airdrop for non Apple devices)
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