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100,000 Posts – Thank You, Loyal VGR Members!

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VGR Forum has just achieved an incredible milestone. We now have more than 100,000 posts! It seems like just yesterday we hit 10,000 posts. Our community truly has grown by leaps and bounds. I want to personally thank each of you for your contributions to our conversations here on the forum. You are what has made VGR the welcoming, thriving community it is today. I can’t wait to see how our forum will continue to grow and flourish over the years ahead.

If I could, I would thank every single member individually here. As it is, I know that I cannot possibly get around to everyone. But I want to at least highlight the contributions of some of our core members:

@Shagger: You have done a wonderful job as our first moderator on VGR keeping everything running smoothly and creating a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere. And even with all of your hard work as moderator, you still find time to compose detailed replies to threads. Thank you so much.

@Crazycrab: For two years now, you’ve offered members in-depth replies, especially on technical topics. Thank you for all of your wonderful posts, and for being our resident crustacean.

@The Blackangel Thank you for being one of our core members since 2018, and for taking the time to post thoughtful responses to so many threads over the years. As one of our longest-standing members, we can’t imagine VGR forum without you.

@StaceyPowers We know you don’t have as much time as you’d like here since you are busy with articles for VGR, but you still manage to get around to creating regular new threads. Thanks for giving us new topics to delve into.

@DylanC You have been with us since 2018, making you one of our most established core members. Over all of this time, you’ve been steady with your topics and posts, always keeping the conversation flowing.

@Family sedanNot only are you a prolific commenter, but you follow up on conversations and keep them going with plenty of enjoyable back-and-forth. Thanks for your contributions.

@m76 You’ve been a core member of our forum for more than a year now. Thank you for engaging our members with regular posts and compelling, in-depth responses on a range of topics.

@Head_Hunter It is hard to believe that you have only been with us for a couple of months now. In that time, you have been incredibly prolific, becoming one of our most active posters. We can count on you to reply to just about every topic—even those that other forum members miss. Thank you for actively engaging with so many threads.

@skyfire Since the beginning of 2019, you have shared your thoughts with us on so many gaming topics. You continue to post regularly to Gaming News. Thank you for making sure our members never miss out on the latest updates.

@Justin11 You also have only been with us for a couple of months, but already it is easy to forget that it hasn’t been for years. Your frequent posts have done a lot to keep the conversation going. Thank you for that.

@Boblee Since joining VGR forum earlier this year, you have become one of our most active and involved members, consistently connecting with everyone on the forum. Thanks for becoming a core member of our community.

@Heatman You are a member we can count on to respond to so many threads. I really appreciate your interaction with our members in the more than two and a half years you have now been with us.

@Razor1911 You have become a prominent member of our community since you joined earlier this year. Thank you so much for your continued posting and conversation.

@Darth For the past two years, you have been a consistent contributor around the forum, discussing systems, games and news. Thanks for being such a reliable and dedicated member.

@Empire For more than three years now, you have shared your insights with us and been an engaging conversationalist. Thank you for being one of our longest-standing core members.

@killamch89 Since joining up in December 2018, you have been one of the most active regulars around VGR forum. Moreover, you are always happy to help out other members who have a question about a game. Thank you for your part in making VGR such a great place.

@kingpotato We really miss you around here—you were one of our first really active members. We hope to see you again soon. It isn’t the same without you. Also, congratulations on being a newlywed.

@Reality vs Adventure Your insightful and detailed replies are always compelling to read, and do a lot to fuel conversation. Thank you for all of your contributions in the more than a year you have been a VGR member.

@Patrik You’re coming up on one year on VGR forum, and during that time, we’ve all come to appreciate your posts and replies. Thank you for being a core part of our community.

@AlexanderYou’ve now been with us for just over three years! Thank you for your post replies as well as your threads asking community members engaging questions.

@AndreiMirfi: Thank you for your contributions over the past year and more you’ve been on VGR forum. From welcoming new members to replying regularly to threads, you do a lot for our community. I hope school is treating you well.

@mont86 It’s been nearly three years since you joined us, and over that time, you’ve been a boon to our community. Thank you so much for being one of our core members.

@WithywarlockYour replies are always thoughtful and in-depth. And true to your name, you can make us laugh with your witty observations. Thank you for that.

Thank you all again for everything each of you has done for VGR forum—and to all of our members for being a part of the VGR family. I am so happy with what we have built here together.

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I'm surprised it's only 100.000. I've had 31916 posts under my name alone on the first forum I was a regular member on. That took me almost 17 years to accumulate though. Between August 2001 and April 2018 (when sadly that forum closed down).

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It's your description of each members contribution to the community is what amazes me so much; more like you have a horoscope with which you keep tabs on all of our activities in the platform. Well, I believe that congratulations to you, VGR and all of us is in order. 

Good job everyone 👏👏

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32 minutes ago, Justin11 said:

Congratulations to VGR forum, for reaching 100,000 posts, and a very big thank you @DC for creating the best gaming forum around. I hope for more highs in VGR forum. 

Seriously, 100,000 posts isn't really a small number. There are so many forums that's been around for years that are yet to hit this mark. 

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11 hours ago, killamch89 said:

Thanks for the shoutout @DC and I'm happy to see how much the forum has grown.

Seriously, I'm really impressed with how things go on here and by the looks of it, it's definitely going to keep on growing for the better. 

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Congratulations VGR, without the 25 plus active members here, the site wouldn't get to where it's sitting. What males a good website it's members 🙂 Always it's members and the great community 😉 I did not even know myself that I been here for jthree years now Xd. At times I do not check the year date when I join. Time to move on to the next goal I say - 500K posts 😛 

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7 hours ago, Boblee said:

Seriously, I'm really impressed with how things go on here and by the looks of it, it's definitely going to keep on growing for the better. 

When most active members makes at least a minimum of 50 new posts on dusky daily basis, you can actually be able to do the math and see how many posts the forum would have reached in 2 years time. 

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On 11/20/2021 at 6:40 PM, Withywarlock said:

Well done all, and thanks for having me tagged here, it's much appreciated. Keep up the good work! ^^

It's been a cool ride so far ever since I joined the community and I'm so glad for having been tipped to be part of this wonderful community which I'm enjoying every single day. 

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